Automatic Real Estate Notification Procedure

Would you like to be notified by email of listings which meet your search criteria? Just follow this easy process.... 

  1. Go to Home Page on this site and click on  “Search MLS”  or go to "MLS Search Tools" and choose "MLS Map Search" or "MLS Standard Search"
  2. Enter your search criteria 
  3. Save search criteria 
  4. Registration screen will appear, fill in the registration data as complete as possible 
  5. Save Registration Information 
  6. Notification screen will appear, answer Yes to:  "Choose the field for how often you would like to receive the automatic notification."
  7. Name your search criteria

NOTE: You can update the search criteria anytime for the search you have saved then rename the same name or give new search a new name. 

Also, you can save have multiple searches with different search names.