3.8% Tax Linked to the Sale of Real Estate

You may have heard about th 3.8% Tax touted as a tax on Real Estate.

First off, this tax does not apply to ALL homes sold since the existing capital gain exclusion on homes still applies.  The majority (95% or so) of homeowners will still have the capital gain exemption and mortgage interest deductibility they expect. 

Major shift in Ada County Sales.... Is This a New Trend?

Sales in May 2012 were 604 in Ada County, an increase of 1% compared to May 2011.   Year-to-date sales are 2,632; 9% over the first four months of 2011.

Dollar volume for May was up 24%!

New homes sold in May increased 100% over new homes sold in May of 2011!!…and are up 65% YTD.

Historically, May sales outpace April by an average of 2% or less.  May 2012 sales decreased by 6% compared to April 2012.

It’s a sign of the times! .........Foreclosures

Most of us grew up thinking that if we planned well and played by the rules, we’d never have to stand by as our financial lives unraveled. 

Mortgage Debt Relief Act, HR3648 ... Time is of the Essence

 If you have fallen behind on your mortgage or if you are in jeopardy of falling behind you need to know the that Federal governments Mortgage Debt Relief Act, HR3648,  will expire December 31, 2012.

Boise Valley Real Estate Recovery

Sales in February 2012 were 439 in Ada County, an increase of 13.4% over February 2011. This is the strongest February sales we’ve had since 2007.  Year-to-date sales are 829; 13% over the first two months of 2011.

Historically, February sales outpace January by an average of 14%. February 2012 sales increased by 14% over January 2012.

Why is putting your home on the market now is a good idea?

We have seen a change in the Boise / Nampa and surrounding areas Real Estate market in the past few months.  Our inventory is low and we have a multitude of buyers which is pushing many price levels and areas into a Seller's Market which is refreshing because we have been in a Buyer's Market for so long in the valley. 

Frustrated with Burned Out Bulbs CFLs?

If you’re having trouble with CFLs, you’re not alone by a long shot. We chatted with an expert about the issues, how you can use CFLs successfully, and your alternatives.

French Drains - When Do You Need Them?

If you have a soggy yard or wet basement the solution may be an exterior or interior French Drain, a channel that collects water and dirverts it safely away from your home.  Read More


Is Tankless Water Heater Right For You?

Tankless water heaters cut energy costs but are not the right choice for everyone.  Here is how to figure out if tankless is right for your.  Read More


Time is of the Essence *** Understanding Mortgage Debt Cancellation

Time is of the Essence

If you believe that within the next year you may need to sell your home because of a hardship and your home is worth less than what you owe, you need toCALL ME TODAY.

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