2017 Total Eclipse at Mesa Hill Farms

Basic Information:

    1. Arrival & Departure: We are expecting a record number of visitors to the Highway 95 corridor from Fruitland to Council leading up to Monday’s Solar Eclipse. To avoid the traffic and fully experience this area’s slow-paced way of life, consider extending your trip by arriving a day or two prior to the eclipse and departing a day or two after the eclipse
    a. You can check in as soon as Friday August 18 at 10:00 am
    b. You must be checked out by Wednessday August 23 by 5:00 am

    2. Services: Many of the best Solar Eclipse viewing areas are in or around small communities with limited gas stations, grocery stores and other amenities. It’s a good idea to fuel up your vehicle on your way into the region and keep the tank topped off.

    a. Cambridge is 15 miles from Mesa Hill Farms and has a grocery store, gas station and a few restaurants

    b. 3 Miles South of Mesa Hill Farms is Lackey’s Café and they serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

    c. 3 Miles South is the Alpine Market (limited selections) and they serve deli sandwiches
    d. Council is 7 miles north from MHF has an M&W Grocery Store, two gas stations, Shy Simon’s Pizza and several other restaurants.
    e. One hour South to Weiser and one hour North to McCall from our location

    3. Supplies: Be sure to pack enough water, food, and any medications for all members of your group in case of local supply shortages. Temperatures in August regularly reach the 100’s, so plan to bring a larger supply of water that you think you need.

    a. There are two water faucets that you will have access to for filling your jars, the well is good drinking water.

    4. Shade: Bring your umbrellas, awnings and pop up’s to provide your group shade

    5. Technology: Unplug during your visit. While most of our communities do have cell phone service, coverage will be limited in many areas due to increased demand on our towers. By unplugging for the weekend, you’ll help keep the lines open for those needing emergency assistance.

    a. We do have good Verizon and other cell service at our property

    6. Plan Ahead: Keep in mind you may not be able to rely on e-navigation and roadside assistance will be limited with the number of people in the area. It’s a good idea to check your spare tire, share your travel plans with a friend or relative, and carry a first aid kit and a state map.

    7. Eclipse Safety:

    a. Never look at the sun without eclipse-rated eyewear.
    b. Solar glasses will be available for sale at our site for a nominal charge.

    8. Wildlife: Deer do visit our property, please do not scare them or let your dog bark at them or chase them. They are beautiful animals and just enjoy their visit.

    9. Points of Interest: The City of Weiser and the surrounding treasure valley area. Lots of events including a Farmers Market, Live Music, Art Contests, Wine tasting, Car Show, Street Dance, Beer Garden, BBQ Completion, and the "Run to the Sun" Fun run.

    a. Check out all the planned activities at the following websites:

    i. https://www.weisereclipse2017.com/eclipse-festival


    iii. http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/states/ID.htm

About Mesa Hill Farms:

    1. Location: We are at 2192 Apple Lane in Mesa Idaho and we are right in the North path of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

    a. Apple Lane is at mile marker 128 on Highway 95, coming from Boise/Nampa you will turn left onto Apple Lane, Coming from MaCall/Council you will turn right onto Apple Lane.

    b. Go to the very end of Apple, we are the last property.

    2. Elevation: 3300 Feet above sea level