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The most powerful & comprehensive tools available today no matter if you are a home buyer, home seller or investor.

Listingbook - Voice Pad - Mobile Search App

These tools are provided to you FREE by the PrimeTime Property Team. They are designed to make your property search as seamless as possible and to get you the information you need in the time you need it with no hassles, compliments of the PrimeTime Property Team. No longer will you have to talk with multiple Real Estate Agents to get the answers you need.

Here is how the tools work together to aid you in your property search:

First you will set up a Listingbook account so you will have the most powerful internet search tool available to find properties in which you may be interested and or you can download the Mobile Search App to find any property on your tablet, i-phone, android, or i-pad.

Then you will drive past properties you have found in Listingbook or your Mobile Search App or in neighborhoods in which you are interested.

While standing in front of any home listed for sale, you will access your VoicePad or your Mobile Search App  from your cell or smart phone or tablet o get real time data on that property.  How many times have you been driving around with a list of homes you found on the internet and you see the home next door is also for sale and there is no flyer?  What's the price?  How many bedrooms?  Now on your VoicePad  or Mobile Search App from your cell phone, you can get that information right then, right there!

When you get home, access your Listingbook account online and mark the homes you drove by as "favorite" or "rejected".  Also add any note to help you remember the property.

Call Karla 208.407.2634  to get an exclusive property showing for your top choices. We are here to help you at any step along the way.

Use one or all of these tools to make your home/property search much easier.

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